Sunday, June 03, 2007

Further thoughts on my theory below

The idea of Aunt Petunia at Number 12 Grimmauld Place is so tantalizing, I've been thinking of it a bit more.

I've been convinced for a while that a Bundimun (see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, I think it's on page 5) lives at Number 12 Grimmauld Place. When Harry arrives he hears something scuttering behind the skirting board, and I don't think it was Mr Samuel Whiskers and his wife Anna Maria. There was also a musty odor, I believe, which fits the setting but is also a sign of a Bundimun lurking nearby.

So the question is, did Mrs. Weasley, Sirius or any of the Order Members recognize the signs and try to get rid of this pest? We hear nothing about that, so we don't know. FB makes it sound like a building can actually be destroyed if a Bundimun is allowed to continue to inhabit it. Or maybe it's just that the Ministry needs to be contacted to bring in the big guns.

How would Petunia and her rubber gloves react when confronted by a Bundimun? Or where will they go if the house actually collapses because of it? I've got all kinds of ideas in my head and they can't all happen because some of them are mutually exclusive.

I'm thinking of my back-door neighbor in college who came over to borrow something and discovered that I and my roommates were in pursuit of a mouse that we'd heard in our kitchen cabinets. This young lady actually stood on a chair and screamed. I thought that only happened in cartoons! I wonder if that would be similar to Petunia's reaction. Or would she faint? Fainting's dangerous, then they can crawl over your body while you're out -- but she might not stop to think of that.

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NCMcGonagall said...

Your comments about the Bundimun reminded me of a theory devised by a friend of mine concerning the nest of dead Puffskeins that was found in the sofa at 12 Grimmauld Place. Since Puffskeins will "eat anything from leftovers to spiders" (FB), she was convinced that Kreacher was poisoning Sirius when no one else was living there. Poisoned leftovers - dead puffskeins...irrational Sirius? I believe that many of the pests in that house were affecting the wizards who lived/visited there including the Bundimun and the damage it was causing to the structure. Oh, how I hope some of these questions are answered!