Saturday, April 14, 2007

Book 7 Predictions

I took a quiz on The Leaky Cauldron that allows you to predict details of what will happen in Book 7.

I have to qualify that by saying I wish I could have given comments on some of them, and others I was just unsure so I guessed.

For example, "Will Harry learn more about love in the Dept. of Mysteries?" I put no, but I do think we will probably visit the "love" room in the dept. of mysteries and that Harry will learn more about love, though I don't know that he'll learn it at the Ministry. I think Harry's lessons will be learned from life, not from a school book or a research dept. at the Ministry.

"Will we visit the Chamber of Secrets again?" I put yes, but I'm not sure we'll go there, I just think it will have something to do with something in the book. I think the damage Ron's wand explosion caused resulted in the cave-in of the secret passageway behind the 4th floor mirror that Fred and George tell Harry is now completely blocked, though they used it earlier in Harry's second year. Since there are 7 secret passageways, I think that will be significant in some way and the chamber is likely to play a part in it somehow, esp. since Slytherin created it and Voldemort is Slytherin's Heir.