Monday, June 11, 2007

Can Fred and George predict the future, or can they time travel?

I'm re-reading GoF and I've just got to the part where Fred and George make a wager with Ludo Bagman.

So, they bet something that sounds so unlikely that they must have known ahead of time how the match would end. How?

I see two alternatives. Time travel and Divination.

We never learn what extra subjects Fred and George took, so we don't know if they took Divination or if they were any good at it. What we do know is that our author seems to, for the most part, discount Divination as in imprecise branch of magic (because Dumbledore and McGonagall think this, among others).

So that leaves u with Time Travel. We know it's happened before. How would they do it? The Fred and George who went to the match then go back in time and tell their other selves, the ones who haven't seen the match yet, who won? Or do Fred and George somehow go forward in time? We don't see anyone going forward in time in PoA, so we don't know if Wizards can do so or not.

If Fred and George have mastered this, without a time turner, this might be useful for Harry in the last book.

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