Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What's Uncle Vernon up to?

Last night, before I knew I'd have cover art to distract me, I started thinking about the beginning of DH and what might happen while Harry was still at Privet Drive (I just started re-reading CoS and am just up to the part where Harry is rescued by the Weasley boys).

And I started thinking about how Uncle Vernon, if he was paying attention and not too distracted by the glass of mead hitting him on the head, knows that Harry has inherited a house. He knows the address of the house and he knows Harry has an account at Gringotts. It's occurred to me that Dumbledore wanted the Dursleys to know this, but I haven't yet figured out why.

So, what would Uncle Vernon do with the knowledge that his nephew isn't penniless as he had previously thought? When DH opens, Vernon will have had almost a whole year to dwell on this. I can just see it now:

Maybe he Googles "12 Grimmauld Place" to see where it is located.

Maybe he makes some phone calls, trying to track down a copy of Sirius' will, the deed of the house, the location of Gringotts. I figure he'll have most luck in finding Grimmauld place at least. I can picture him skulking around, getting very frustrated when he discovers there isn't a number 12 (because of the anti-Muggle charms and all, he won't be able to see it). He might interview the neighbors, and discover that they have noticed vaguely strange goings-on, though they won't be specific enough to help him. Vernon could drive himself crazy trying to find out more about Harry's inheritance, and convince a lot of others he's crazy in the process. That ought to be funny.

I also got to thinking that Vernon is likely to sit Harry down and try to make him pay him back for the expenses he's incurred in raising Harry. Though Harry will only be able to offer to pay in Wizard's gold, which won't do Vernon much good.

Then I remembered that on PotterCast they talked about how maybe Privet Drive will become unsafe for anyone related to Harry and the Dursleys will have to move to Grimmauld Place to stay. The thought of Petunia in her rubber gloves, trying to make the place spick and span, shining and spotless, just makes me want to laugh and never stop!

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