Saturday, October 20, 2007

I confess myself disappointed

I've just read the news that JKR has announced that Dumbledore is (or, I suppose the correct tense would be "was") gay.

I have to say I'm really disappointed. How am I going to explain this to my children? That was my first thought, along with the hope that it was just meant as a joke. But after reading some more stories about this on the internet, if all the quotes are correct, I don't see how it can be a joke. Jo said Dumbledore's great tragedy was his disappointment that this clever wizard turned out to be such a fan of the Dark Arts.

That's funny, I thought his great tragedy was the regret that he neglected his family and possibly/probably caused the death of his sister, either by actually firing off the AK that killed her or by bringing someone (Grindelwald) into close proximity to her who would fire off such a curse, even if the intended target was never Ariana in the first place.

I have to go on the record saying that I believe the Bible states pretty clearly that homosexual relationships are sinful. In the same verses, sometimes, where it states that witchcraft and sorcery are sinful. I was willing to believe and understand that the magic in the Harry Potter series was pretend, and not the same as the type practiced by real witches. However, I can't find a way to make the same equasion with this information about Dumbledore. Romance, in the Harry Potter world, seems to be the same as romance in our world. In all instances, this seems to be true. So this statement means that -- what? the white wizard is gay? Harry's mentor, the one he trusts above all others -- I did have a bit of a problem with learning how he manipulated Harry, but since it all turned out okay in the end, I didn't worry about it too much.

But, honestly, this is just plain wrong. Dumbledore is a role model, he shouldn't turn out to be gay.

And if I can believe all that I have read, the rumours about Dumbledore's brother are apparently true, as well. Some young girl asked about this at one of the events, and Jo made some comment about how, because she was so young, for her the answer would be that goats are smelly and have curly horns. Clearly implying that the answer is different for those of us who are more mature. I'm sure glad I'm not the mother of this little girl, to have to explain what Jo meant by that comment.

I'm disappointed. I've stuck up for these books and this author, saying there is nothing in them that's wrong for conservative Christians to partake in. Now I'm re-thinking all of that. I wish she had not said this. It's very upsetting.


Wendy said...

Hi Melissa,

I found your blog via the "Sword of Gryffindor".

Anyway, I wanted to say that as a fellow Christian and fan of the books, I understand your disappointment, especially when I don't think this latest revelation adds anything to the story.

However, even though Ms Rowling has said that she is a "Christian", I have always suspected that she mostly holds to more "liberal" beliefs. And unfortunately, this is probably due to a misunderstanding of the gospel, and perhaps some heretical teaching from the pulpit.

But even if Ms Rowling does have a misinformed understanding of the gospel, and the Christian faith, I must chose to extend grace, because there was a time when I was misinformed too.

You see, I grew up in a Christian home, and went to church. And just like Ms Rowling, if you were to ask me "Are you a Christian?", I would have said "Yes." I also would have told you "I believe that Jesus died for my sins." But it would have just been an intellectual beliefs based on some facts, and nothing to do with any real heart transformation by the truth of the gospel. In fact, it was only about five years ago, did that transformation really take place. Before then, I would have leaned towards either a very "liberal" few of Christianity (that it doesn't matter if you're gay, or not), or a very "legalistic" view (that we earn our salvation through good works, or our own merits). And all of this came from my own misunderstanding of the gospel, and unfortunately some real poor teaching.

I know I will be tempted to read (perhaps even join) some of the controversy that will be going on at many Christian blogs, forums, etc. However, I know that prayer is the better option; and therefore I will be praying that Christians on both sides of the fence will react in such a way, so that Ms Rowling would see grace extended, and that this would lead to her being transformed by the truth of the gospel.

Anonymous said...

Bible as clearly disapproves eating clam and bacon. I clearly saw John Travolta character eating bacon in Pulp Fiction. I expect this will be the subject of your next entry?

Riley Bull said...

Who cares if Dumdledoreis gay. He is still the same person. If you found out that Harry Potter was gay would you go blabing about him. I don't think so. So what, Albus Dumbledore is gay. I would feel awful if I were you.

Michelle said...

Just becasue JK says he's gay doesn't mean he has to be for you. He exists a little on the page, but mostly in your head.

I always pictured Hermione being black or at least part black because she was always described as having "bushy" brown hair. When the movies came out with a white girl cast as Hermione I wasn't disapointed. I just shrugged it off. I thought well, that's THEIR interpretation.

Books are wonderful because they are like art that we all get to participate in. If you don't have room for a gay man in your masterpiece, then picture him heterosexual. Like you said, it's not important to the plot anyway.

Danj725 said...

Melissa, When I first heard about the announcement, I thought she meant that his love for Grindewald was similar to what most men had for JFK. My father cried when he died and other than when my Mother passed away, that is the only time I have ever seen him cry. I will continue to view D&G's relationship as platonic similar to those who worshipped JFK.

As for Abeforth and the Goat??? I'll probably just ignore it as it really is not germain to the story.

Anonymous said...

melissa... no. Similarly to the original post... no.

"...if you were to ask me "Are you a Christian?", I would have said "Yes." I also would have told you "I believe that Jesus died for my sins." But it would have just been an intellectual beliefs based on some facts..."

based on some facts? which facts would they be because i'm sure the scientific world i dying to hear about them.

Judging by the original blog post and Melissa's reply, i'm not sure JK would really want your prayer for her salvation. The blog post was the most biggoted and completely retarded thing i have ever read (especially about Dumbledore not being able to be a role model because he is gay... wtf).

I think you're the ones with the misunderstanding of the 'gospel'. Even if it were a true account (which it certainly not), biblical scholars have their time cut out agreeing with each other as to the true meanings represented throughout the different books. It can be easily interpretted that the passage claiming homosexuality is wrong (which provides no reasoning btw, just a blanket statment from some high desert nomad) is actually stating that homosexuality is only non-compatable with procreation, but morally equal to hetrosexuality.

"...or a very "legalistic" view (that we earn our salvation through good works, or our own merits)." We don't? So basically we are judged solely on how many time we go to church... In that case I don't think many people would want to go to your heaven, it would be full of toothless rednecks who's idea of a gripping conversation is prayer... heaven forbid (this is irony incase missed the point).

I simply can't get over how singularly retarded some people are when it comes to religion. Fear of death is one thing, blaming fictional characters for nothing in particular, more as a means of demonstrating your own sense of piety, is something else.

JK Rowling is a fairly good author who has written a genuinely engaging FANTASY novel. Dumbledore is not real... he is a figment of imagination. If it were up to what you call 'christians' then imagination would have been stamped out by now. That single spark of life that truly seperates man from mouse (in terms of food chain, we did evolve from monkeys, and are a species of animal... deal with it), is so much more precious than faith (otherwise known as foundless irrational belief).

It is ironic then that the nature of your psychosis (being religious) is in fact the very thorn that is preventing you from imagining him otherwise. If you didn't want him to be gay then he doesn't have to be. Just because JK says he is shouldn't remove your imagination, your power to interpret. That is the problem with religion, everything has to be taken so literally. So when JK says he is gay to her (and she said "I always concidered Dumbledore to be gay", not "dumbledore is gay"), you have to take her word for it, because that is what religion teaches. Don't question. Don't be different. Obey, assimilate, donate or perish.

There is no God. And the greatest chance humans have of salvation (our moral integrity and imagination) is being thrown aside by people like you, who would rather follow blindly, enticed by the carrot of life after death. Real immortality comes from imagination.

Anonymous said...

It's sick to think that people like you exist. Just because someone is gay does not me that as a person they can be less of a positive role model. Who cares who they are sleeping with. A sane person does not normally try to help someone make a positive decision and then follow it up with "I'm sleeping with a person of the same sex." Maybe, just maybe if Christians spent a little more time trying to actually help people and not complain about or force people to believe the same, the world may get better. No that's too hard, you would rather read between the lines and think the worst of people. Dumbledore, gay? Really, get over it. They were books,and not a manual to decide how to live your life. SO Melissa and Wendy I wonder how it feels to know that your kids will probably end up in jail because their moms told them that beating up and killing gays was ok. God bless and keep you, you bigot FREAKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Robbie said...

"I have to say I'm really disappointed. How am I going to explain this to my children?"

This makes me sick. It is a shame people like you exist in the world. Go by the bible if you want, but being afraid of discussing homosexuality with your own children? You're the one your kids should be disappointed with.

Anonymous said...

i am shocked that a harry potter fan could be so misunderstanding of something that is so natural and has made it to look like something sick and twisted. And to be honest i find it wrong that you care so much that you wont tell your kids what gay is i found out what gay was when i was young i heard someone talk about it and collected little bits of info from there and it didnt change me it didnt make me gay and i dont think it has made me sinful. I mean before you found out that Dumbledore was gay you thought he watched over harry and looked over him as a fatherly figure and now you know he is gay do you look back and see things diffrently? no well at least i dont because there is nothing to see! so now you know that dumbledore is gay do you see him any diffrent, you see him as a peadophile who was after harry? no you couldnt possibly! nothing has changed! I am a loyal harry potter fan and i have read the books many times and i see nothing romantic between harry and dumbledore i see dumbledore as something harry never had: a fatherly figure and the chit chat between harry and dumbledore like in half blood prince (film) where dumbledore apologises for preventing harrys date with that girl in the cafe shows that dmbldr knows that harry is straight. i read those books from an early age as i mastred reading easily and have been a diehard fan since and i accepted it it changes nothing it doesnt make dumbledor less of a mentor and it doesnt mean that he isnt a good rolemodel becase he is i really will be loyal to the books. now if you really want something to slag off try mundungas fletchers drinking habits. they surely cant be holy?

Anonymous said...

Goodness me. Never mind Dumbledore, I think you should question what kind of role model you are to your children. What are you teaching them? to be judgemental? to feel disappointment towards other people?

I'm outraged by you comments and don't think they belong on this sort of forum. Perhaps you should be joining some sort of Natzi forum?

A gay atheist said...

Are you serious? Or is this yet another parody of the crazy Christians?

We had one of those parody blogs in Sweden leading up to the last(?) election. Quite a brilliant parody of crazy Christians. The authors of the blog would be all anti-gay and anti-pirates and anti-evolution and all that, all the while proclaiming their support to the Christian Democratic Party (Kristdemokraterna, our conservative party). The Christian Democratic Party had to go to some lengths to denounce the blog, and actually threatening litigation to have them remove the party logo from their blog.

It was quite wonderful to behold. Not only were the crazies in the Christian Democratic Party exposed (meaning they lose votes among the reasonable public), the party also had to denounce the crazy ideas (meaning some of the crazies might not want to vote for them any more).

In the hope that this was parody,
A gay atheist.

(For the record, I prefer the present alliance of conservative and liberal parties, to the socialist alternative, here in Sweden.)

Anonymous said...

You are simply being a biased, and judging, (and Im sorry to say this), but a total misunderstanding ASS.
Did you know, that the bible (not that I believe that load of crap, created simply to subdue women and control society) also states that judging can be done by none other than God himself? And if you do judge, that he will have no place for you? Therefore you have no right, none at all, to say what is RIGHT nor WRONG in the world. You live how you wish, and that is that. I have plenty of gay friends, and I know them to be wonderful and caring people, as youre showing yourself not to be. So either deal with the fact that not everybody lives by the rules of a book and accept it, or make things hard and "beware" of everything liberal and gay around you. I assure you, it would indeed not be fun.Christian or not, you are nothing like the kind religious folk I know who actually accept what is around them rather than speaking against and judging it. Life goes on. As should you. Now I for one am pro gay AND pro choice. Nothing to do with ones heart or body should be put under law, whether you like it or not. Thats all I have to say to YOU on this matter. If you object, go find some churchy stuck up bastard to complain to. Thank you, and good day.

Anonymous said...

Actally, arry Potter's actor IS gay and has been in quite a few naked gay plays. ;p Suck on that, biased bastard.