Wednesday, July 04, 2007

My master list of questions

Here are questions I want to know the answers to as we get right down to the wire before the publication of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (I've been gathering this list for quite a while and kept it in draft form till now. I hope we learn the answers in the next few days):

What did Lily and James Potter do for a living and where did James' fortune come from?

What significance to the color of Harry's eyes have, if any?

Will the life debt Pettigrew owes Harry have any part in the plot of book 7?

Who was "that awful boy" that Petunia heard telling Lily about the Dementors -- was it James or someone else? Snape?

Why did the prophecy say that the Dark Lord's servant was "chained these twelve years" -- was something keeping Pettigrew as a rat in the Weasley household besides his own cowardice? Something external to himself, I mean, like a spell someone else placed on him. What else could the wording of the prophecy mean if he was there of his own choice?

What was Crouch!Moody doing teaching Harry how to ward off the Imperious Curse? How would that have benefited him or his master's plan?

Why did Mr. Crouch say the things he did when Harry and Krum saw him near the forest? He seemed to have gone back in time, in his mind, to when his son was still in school. Why? Is there more going on there? Crouch was such a powerfully magical wizard, how was he able to be duped by the Dark Lord? And Barty Crouch Jr. really got 12 OWLs?

What is the significance of the gleam of triumph in Dumbledore's eye toward the end of GOF? During my last reading, it seemed to me that it was almost as if Dumbledore was thinking, "Voldemort took the bait," that Voldemort did something Dumbledore had been hoping he'd do, which will give Dumbledore/Harry some advantage later on that Voldemort hasn't anticipated. And then, I felt turned off that Dumbledore could use Harry in such a way. Some of the theories I've seen about Book 7 have Dumbledore using Harry in even more manipulative and, if I may say it, dishonest ways. Dishonest toward Harry. Dumbledore says at the end of GOF that the truth is "generally preferable" to lies. I hope he doesn't feel that this is one time that is an exception to that rule.

What methods has Dumbledore used to watch Harry "more closely than you can have imagined" as he's been growing up? What does Dumbledore know about Harry? Does he listen to his private conversations and/or read his thoughts? Did Dumbledore know that Harry saw Snape's worst memory in the Pensieve? The Ministry admitted to keeping a close eye on Privet Drive as well -- were they working in conjunction with Dumbledore's efforts or were they separate? And does the step that creaks in the stairway at the Dursley's house have any significance? What about the spiders in the cupboard under the stairs?

Can Dumbledore speak Parseltongue? If not, how did he know what the Gaunts were talking about in the memory from Bob Ogden?

What happened to the Peverell ring after Dumbledore shared the memory about it with Harry? Was the crack in the stone caused by de-Horcruxing the ring, or had it always been there?

Backstories I particularly want to know more about: Lily and James, Snape, Regulus Black, Dumbledore, Grindelwald. Also Petunia.

Dumbledore seems to have had a plan all along. How much of that plan has already been divulged to Harry? Has he kept significant parts of it back, still?

How did Dumbledore injure his hand? Where exactly did he go on his quests away from Hogwarts?

Is there any significance to the fact that none of the note-bringers who brought Harry notes from Dumbledore in HBP actually said who gave them the notes?

What did the green potion in the basin in the middle of the underground lake do to Dumbledore, exactly? And why was it there, if the Horcrux itself was removed? Was there some magic that made all of the magical protections reset themselves, or did Voldemort come back to the cave later, after the Horcrux was removed? Or was the Horcrux never there at all?

Who is/was R.A.B.?

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