Friday, July 20, 2007

The Dragon

I was re-reading the first time Harry recognized the monster in his chest that was Rowling's metaphor for Harry's attraction to Ginny, and I realized something. It's described as a "scaly" monster. I bet it's a dragon! I bet it's the Dragon on the Scholastic Deluxe Edition cover.

I'm very excited about today, can you tell?

I'm going to post some more serious stuff later. But first, I'm off to pick up my wristband.

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Michelle said...

Or a snake! When I read that passage I found it slightly disturbing.

We know that Voldemort and Harry are connected in some manner because Harry could see into Voldemort's mind. We also know that Voldemort was trying to shut Harry out when he realized how dangerous the connection could be for him.

What if Voldemort (or Tom) has a thing for Ginny and this dormant monster is a shadow of Voldemort's feelings leaping out of Harry's chest?

I think that the monster is too rageful, too jealous to be of Harry alone.