Friday, May 25, 2007

Really off-the-wall Horcrux theories

I'm going to post these here because they came to me yesterday morning and I wanted to write them down. I can come back and laugh at them when the Deathly Hallows is published and I find out I'm wrong.

First theory: When Dumbledore de-horcruxed the ring, the part of Voldemort's soul transferred itself to Dumbledore. Dumbledore was aware of this and knew he was not long for this world. He arranged for Snape to kill him and thus destroy that part of Voldie's soul and that explains the events in HBP. An alternate theory to this is that the part of the soul that had been in the locket was transferred to the green potion and that when Dumbledore drank the potion he took that part of the soul inside himself, making it necessary for Snape to kill him. The drawback to that is how did he commmunicate that to Snape, which I don't know. Maybe Dumbledore had already visited the underground lake and knew what the potion was and arranged with Snape what he was suppose to do.

Second theory (less off the wall than the one above): Harry will become convinced that he himself is a Horcrux, and that he has to die and kill Voldemort all in one moment in order to defeat him. He comes up with a plan to accomplish this and is in the act of carrying it out when Hermione figures out that Harry really isn't a Horcrux and steps in somehow and saves Harry, but Voldemort still dies. Obviously the details are really sketchy, but I wouldn't be surprised if some version of this one actually happens.

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