Tuesday, May 08, 2007

"Dumbledore thinks . . ." -- or does he?

"I've got to be quick," Harry panted. "Dumbledore thinks I'm getting my Invisibility Cloak."

Whereupon he proceeds to give Hermione and Ron the Map, the bottle of Felix Felicis, and instructions to watch what Malfoy and Snape are up to, and then Harry hurries off on the Horcrux Hunt with Dumbledore.

But wait a minute -- here's a quote from much earlier in the book, spoken by Dumbledore in the Weasley's spidery broomshed:

"I wish you to keep your Invisibility Cloak with you at all times from this moment onward. Even within Hogwarts itself. Just in case, do you understand me?"

And just in case you're unsure, note that when Harry dashes up to the dormitory, he grabs only the Map and the rolled up socks containing the potion bottle. He already has the Cloak on him, as confirmed by the fact that he says "Dumbledore thinks" in the statement I quoted above.

Show of hands: Who thinks Dumbledore knew Harry had the Cloak on him, specifically didn't ask him but instead sent him to get it because he knew Harry had something important to do? Could that have been part of the "additional protection" Dumbledore anticipated being "in place" while he himself was gone from Hogwarts?

:::::sigh::::: I keep coming back to this one question: How much does Dumbledore know, how does he know it, how much does he foresee and intend Harry to do and how much is just happy (or unhappy) coincidence? And will we ever know the answer to these questions?

And can I stand to wait 73 more days to find out?


Mos said...

Nice blog. I found this by googling "Anglia Horcrux" because I was wondering if anyone else had that theory, which I originated (as a serious thing) on the Amazon Deathly Hallows customer discussions. I think you might like what they have to say there. Maybe you already have. All you need is an Amazon account. You can see my thread(s) about it by just googling the same thing I did. If you want to see the customer discussions, just scroll down on the Amazon Deathly Hallows page and you'll see it. We can always use a fresh voice there. I'd post the link to my blog, which has the same template as yours, but it's pretty political, so I won't...

Anyway, glad you're out there, but you might want to give more credence to that theory.

All the best, Mos

Sola Gratia said...

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